The light of the dark world- Embrace who you are

You my friends are the light of the dark world. I actually do not think we live in a dark world but one where there are pockets of darkness that need you.

You didn’t ask to be placed into this world and you most likely will not ask to be taken out of it. Your life is a gift. While you are here you owe it to yourself and the world to live productively.

Share something you learned with someone in need. Share something with your children. Your kids are your legacy, namesake, living proof of your wisdom, soon to be the light of the world.

Invest in them and the investment will be returned to you plus everyone they interact with. I am incredibly humbled by my daughter. I’m learning how to become a better teacher while learning that I do not and will not have all of the answers.

That’s humility.

And guess what we as parents are not supposed to have all the answers. That would ruin all of the fun.

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