The benefits of waking up early in the morning

Roosters have the right idea in life. They instinctively know the benefits of waking up early in the morning.

You do not have to tell the bird to wake up and go after their desires. It is just ingrained. Roosters have an internal alarm that wakes them up and pushes them into their purpose.

A rooster will get up to provide fertilizer for hens and serve as the guard for a flock of hens as well. Any danger whether real or or not the rooster is up early to protect what is his.

How different would our lives be if we decided to treat the morning as the starting point of protecting the valuable things in our lives? Or fertilizing the path for our flock’s development?

Waking up early can help you to safeguard your mind and your body. When it is quiet and less distractions, this is a good time to meditate on your goals, plan your day before it becomes hectic.

What happens here is that you can center yourself before all of your responsibilities start pulling you in many different directions. This provides peace and over time will reduce stress because you have a plan of attack.

Before the job starts calling or the boss or customers start nagging…You can focus yourself on what you want from your day and essentially your life.

Not what THEY want…What YOUUU want. You have to develop yourself personally more than you work for them. Because you cannot be great for anyone if you cannot be great for yourself.

And this happens



morning my friend

Like the rooster you can also use this time to fertilize the path of your flock, whether that be kids, friends or acquaintances.

I use my mornings on some days to read interesting articles on business or life hacking techniques or even the Bible.

These reads fill me with inspiration and information that I can disseminate to all people that cross my path.

Sometimes my daughter will wake up and see me at the kitchen table at 5am and ask what I am doing. I explain that I am preparing for the day, or reading, or even doing homework.

Last weekend I caught her reading a Junie B Jones book aloud to her barbies. I stood quietly and observed as she paused her reading and said to Barbie “You have to read with me so we can be ready and smart for the day.”

My morning routines do not only impact me.

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