Test of leadership- Joining the immovables part two

If you have not done so already please watch the first part of the series.  I discuss what it takes to be an immovable leader and how your personal journey along the leadership path is similar to a sequoia tree.

 The sequoia tree overshadows most plants and animals.

As you are growing in your own leadership role there will be people around you who understand your potential to overshadow them.

This may create envy and cause certain people around you to purposely undermine your authority or test you.

Welcome these tests!


Because it is only through these situations that you will gain the experience necessary to be immovable.

Wisdom comes through successfully applied knowledge. You are now gaining the knowledge necessary to use in various situations.

So folks may think that they are stunting your growth but if you overcome, then you can overshadow, then you can oversee much more than what you are currently.

If you can be faithful over a few things, then much more will be given to you.

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