Resilience vs Resiliency

This video is near narrated by Eric Thomas and describes resilience vs resiliency so well. Check it out!

Anyone can be resilient once or twice in their lives. Anyone can have the ability  to temporarily act as if nothing is wrong, when you have chaos around you.

Last year I had to give a presentation at 10:00 AM. I was prepped, energized and ready to go. Around 9:45 AM I receive a call.

My mentor had died. This was a man that served as a father figure and gave me the confidence to pursue becoming a speaker.

I hung up the phone, close my office door, cried for 15 minutes, dried my tears and then pushed forward.

I gave my presentation to a room of people who had no clue what I was going through or how devastated I felt. I gave it my all, my best.

That’s being resilient in the moment. Now to continue on word after multiple hits…… That something entirely different!

Multiple blows can affect your spirit. Decreasing it over time, to the point of depression. If you can avoid getting that low, you have resiliency.

You may just have the ability to do exactly what Eric Thomas said in the video…




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