Success not an Accident

I just came across a Podcast called BiggerPockets. Episode 284 talks about how “wealth is not an accident, it’s a choice.”

This choice is fueled by having abundant thinking about your health and finances.

This includes training your body through exercises in order to handle the amount of energy it will take to work in your dream not just on it.

Also, having the discipline to save and invest in areas that will further your end game.

Yes, I’m talking about investing in assets.(Things that will make you money. A car is not one.)

Now here’s where I may shake up your brain cells a little bit…

Your mind is the greatest asset that you have. If you continually invest in your learning (That is in the areas of interest to you. Areas that develop and redevelop what you know.) you can be wealthy.


Because you will begin to acquire strategies on how to achieve.

The more strategies you get the more you can test to see what works with your personality, your desires, your business.

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