Success is a state of mind – so what do you think poverty is

Success is a state of mind. I believe that I mentioned in a previous post that you have to see your future before it is a reality.

You have to see and feel that thing you want like it is right in front of you. And get specific…a buddy of mine imagines that he is in a 2013 Infiniti SUV (don’t judge him, he prefers that year). He gets so specific that he can feel the slightly worn leather in the driver’s seat.

It is only a matter of time before he is behind that wheel. What do you think would happen if imagined the opposite?

You see if success is acquiring your desires is in the powerful of your paradigm, then surely not having them is also a direct result. I believe that even if you are dead broke that you had to be broke in your mind first. There is always a way to shift your life, as long as you never give up. Even if you have to slowly inch towards more income, one step at a time.

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