Read about your Goal

I do not agree with popular advice on visualizing your goal. I think that it’s a piece of achievement but not the end all be all.

If you read about your goal, I believe you are more likely to see it clearly which has to do with visualization. On top of that there has to be some daily activity (if you are serious about making your dreams a reality quicker).

Now I am not and will never tell you that this process will be a magic pill that will make your rich, sexy, handsome, pretty, skinny overnight. But I can guarantee you that if you do this you will see drastic improvement.

It is rooted in this question. . .

Do you read your goals everyday? No? You probably should. I keep a goal card in my pocket and read it regularly.

The result?

I’ve booked more speaking engagements than I ever had to date. FOCUS.

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