Re energize yourself- take time out yourself

It is important to re energize yourself and take time out yourself to just relax.

We spend a lot time giving to others: our children, our friends, co-workers, bosses, teachers, acquaintances, family members. Then at the end of day we are exhausted and can barely keep our eyes open to visualize our own dreams.

Personally, I work long hours and try to put my all into work, go home and cannot stay awake past 9pm some days.

How can I even be there to help my daughter with her homework if I do not give back to myself?

I can’t. So there has to be a period of everyday where I read a little bit. Sometimes it’s something funny. Sometimes it’s a quick article on (Go Wizards!). It can also be the Bible if I have not read a scripture that day.

This helps me refuel and decompress from a rough day. For you it may be different. Maybe you have to workout everyday or take a bubble bath with candles (like Rev Run).

I don’t know…but whatever relaxes you…do it, regularly. As long as it is not harmful.

Usually after I take some me time I am re energized to the point where I do not feel sleepy anymore. Try it out.

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