Pour out your heart to refuel your soul

Stagnation is a defeating state of mind/being. I do not mean feeling stuck professionally but the quicksand of withholding love. The more you withhold the deeper you fall into a person that you may not recognize anymore.

Ever wonder why you ended up in a abusive relationship or why people stay in them? They are stuck…emotionally. Somewhere down the line this person loved and it was not reciprocated.

The result is a person that switches gears and places their emotions on neutral…sometimes for a lifetime. Which can lead to an empty life or worst an empty soul. What’s in your heart eventually will bother your soul and mind.

My solution: Every opportunity you get, pour out your heart to refuel your soul. You have to make space in your heart to receive love and that space is only opened through giving some away.

Now this may sound corny or cliche but hug someone while you can. Kiss someone while you can. Help someone in need of your expertise or wisdom while you can. Pour out your feelings and get used to it, watch and wait. I guarantee that the more you pour out the easier it will become for someone else to pour into you.

Please share with someone you love. Thanks!! 🙂

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