Pain is apart of growth- The Purpose of your pain

Pain is not something you can run away from. Unfortunately you have to run through it. And its uncomfortable but pain is apart of growth.

Growth actually requires it. Think about growing pains, your body’s indication that you are not complete but instead stretching, becoming taller, maturing. That is the purpose of your pain; to speed up the maturation process.

Now sometimes the anguish we feel is self inflicted, especially when we continue to do the same things over ans over again expecting different results.


These are the bad habits we continue to engage in, the bad relationships we stay in afraid that no one else will love us.

I stayed in a horrible relationship for years because I was afraid of what a new relationship would look like. Could I actually be loved by someone else? If dating this person hurts, then all relationships must hurt. So why make a change and possibly find someone worst?

I was broken on the inside. Most likely due to a lack of love within my own home. I didn’t get much affection as a child, so my only definition of love was warped. Just screwed up from the beginning. So I self inflicted pain where I should of had the opposite for about six years.

That’s completely different from a obstacle or just an unfortunate circumstance that forces your growth. If you apply to a job or a bunch of jobs that you really want and don’t get it…don’t get upset.

Get data. Wait whatt!?

Yes, I said it, get more information. One of the tools I use is simply asking for feedback. See if your interviewer is willing to give you some feedback on how you can develop yourself into a better candidate.

Sometimes the interviewer won’t and that’s okay.

But this technique has gotten me job offers with employers that were on the fence about me. Worst case scenario you realize that you need to take a class or attain a certification.

But the pain is always a learning opportunity.

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