Managing time to work, be stingy

There has to be a piece of you that no one else gets to touch, see, taste, smell, etc. 🙂

What I mean is in order to follow your dream you must understand that managing your time to work on your dream is essential. Block off a specific time where no and I mean no one (wife, kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, aunty, grandma, doggies, friends, the mailman) are allowed to distract you.

This is your time to dream, build, pray, meditate, create a new you or a better you. Now that may encompass spending time to blog or write everyday or time to work on the side business you have been neglecting or even pursue that nagging idea in your head that you have never acted on.

Block off time to work on that idea, be stingy with this time and work only on things pertaining directly to you. Selfish? Yes, but how else are you going to get it done? Protect this time at all costs. Often we give time to everything (even negative thoughts) but ourselves/dreams.

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