Is pain only temporary

Is pain only temporary…Yes it is. It does not matter what you are going through, the pain is not there to stay. I have had to deal with the hurt of not having a father in my own life. I mean I never met the dude.

He saw me at the hospital when I was born, left and never returned. I have spent most of my adult life wondering why.

Maybe I was not good enough, maybe I cried too loud, or maybe he just didn’t like changing diapers. But then one day I realized that he was the one missing out.

He missed birthdays, graduations, award assemblies. He missed those, not me. Then suddenly the pain was gone.

You see once you acknowledge that you are hurting, then you can take it head on. And sometimes you realize that pain is just a less than desirable circumstance perceived through a worst case scenario lense.

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