How to treat your body like a temple

Your body is the only one you will ever get. So it is important to take care of your warehouse or if you feel that it is more sacred….your temple.

Treating your body like the sacred palace it truly is

We consume so many pollutants on a regular basis, such as alcohol, soda, over processed foods. Now at first you may not see or feel a difference but overtime eating these things consistently can pollute your body.

Ever wonder how that spare tire snuck up on you? The extra weight is likely a culmination of bad food choices over an extended period of time.

The first step I would say is remove the bad things (foods) that are easiest to replace with good things. For instance if Diet Coke is your vice of choice then try to replace one Diet Coke a day with a tall glass of water. As you get more comfortable you can increase your water intake.

You may even notice that you feel a little different when you choose healthy options.

2nd step

Once you detoxify your diet (replacing some bad foods with good ones or better options), you can now work on your exercise regimen. You have to input the right fuel and then conduct preventive maintenance….AKA the gym. Working out helps to relieve stress, build muscle, endurance, and can maintain that sexy waistline you want to keep.

3rd step

Now if you are really crazy, you will want to get your mind on track with your body and develop a daily prayer or meditation practice. Some would even say this is the first step. Personally I find that sitting or reading quietly in the morning has a tremendous impact on my energy, concentration, and anxiety throughout the day. I won’t preach too much in this post but finding time to refocus your thoughts is just as vital.

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