How to stay focused on goals through persistence- One Minute with Jay

how to stay focused on goals

Welcome to another One minute with Jay. Today’s video is centered on how to stay focused on goals. There is a core driver that can be used as your crutch to help you hobble your way to success if necessary.

This centerpiece is called persistence which you cannot have if you do not have a strong enough motivation.

A runner that loses his legs due to a car accident, can easily just give up and accept the cards that life has handed him. His legs are gone which are needed to complete a marathon, quick jog, or even a sprint to the fridge during a commercial break. Right?


Instead he view his lack of legs as a temporary setback. He decides to get prosthetic legs and not just one set but two sets. One set to walk and another that can withstand the pavement pounding of running. He teaches himself how to walk again, run again, trains at a medical center for two years…

Then finally after pain, worry, crying, discouragement, falling on his face many times he can run again!

What type of drug is this guy on?! He should have been wheelchair bound for life. That drug is persistence. A deep seeded desire that lasts over an extended period of time.

That desire has to be connected to self fulfillment. You see, the runner finds satisfaction, happiness, peace, freedom in running. So our runner who loss his legs, really loss his inner peace and desperately needed that back.

He was willing to fight for it, no matter how long it took. That’s how to stay focused on your goals.

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