How to meditate at work

I spent about 3 days without meditating which is unusual for me. I felt like I barely had time to eat, let alone meditate due to all my work responsibilities. But I figured out a way to fit it in even when my schedule knocks me off of routine.

Now many people think you have to cross your legs, create symbols with your fingers, and hum ommmm in order to meditate. But the main ingredient is silence.

Which means if you can take 5 minutes of quiet time out of your day then you can accomplish this. Where? Well let me ask you where is the one place that you can always sneak off to? The bano.

Yes, the bathroom. I discovered that as long as I can go to the bathroom that I can still meditate even when work prevents me from doing so in the morning.

Take a 5 minute break and just sit while enjoying the quiet. You may want to also take this time to just say thank you.

I personally like to take a moment to just be grateful for the small things or the things I take for granted. For instance, breath in my lungs, a healthy body.

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