How to let go of anger and resentment

Anger grows into resentment the longer that you hold onto it. The resentment is misplaced frustration because you cannot understand what caused your loss.

Or why the trigger of your anger even popped up in the first place.

Then we feel bad for getting angry and beat ourselves up and if not that then we are continually upset at the circumstance.

This breeds bitterness and how can we be productive if we are bitter towards unfortunate circumstances?

In short, we cannot.

That’s why it is important to re-access why we are angry and what assign meaning to the emotion.

I loss a close mentor, friend, and pastor in the ladder half of 2017. He was taken away from me swiftly, suddenly after coming down with pneumonia. One week he was sick and the next week he was gone…


I was left wondering why someone that was single-handedly responsible for accelerating my personal growth would be taken away so suddenly.

My is answer…I don’t know and will never know.

I have to assume that his purpose was accomplished and in the process I value life more than ever.

I assigned some meaning to his death, I did not allow the anger of how a good person could die suddenly set in.

I hope this and the video above helps you let go any hostility.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It is tough when you lose someone suddenly like that.

    Giving the events that happen in our lives some sort of meaning definitely does help. For the longest time, I was angry but I was in denial about it allowing that anger to build up. I didn’t think that it was right for me to feel angry about the things that bothered me. Eventually I became pretty depressed.

    It is so important to acknowledge your feelings and not walk around in denial in order to be able to let it go. Understanding and forgiveness have also been key for me. Anger can lead the way to a deeper compassion in time.

    1. Hi asmithxu, Thank you for your compassion. I agree that denial makes it worst. Acknowledging it is good as long as you do not wallow in it.

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