How to deal with envy at work

After an interesting 3 days this week here are my thoughts on how to deal with envy at work.

Some of your peers may begin to treat you differently because of your new success, maybe even a promotion. Sometimes you are starting a new job and have great qualifications that others (who have been in the job for a while) are just jealous about.

The jelly, as I will call them will even say good job or I am happy for you. But the facial expression does not match the words. You feel an icy chill from what they are saying.

Often the jelly are very insecure and even afraid for their own jobs. Your success means limited advancement for them.

This is a personal issue with them. Do not engage them when you get backhanded compliments. Limit what you speak about and keep it focused on positive work related topics. This will keep the jelly from having ammo to use against you.

It is not your job to figure out what is wrong with them. Try to be uplifting, showing your coworker that you are not the enemy.

And if they actually try to pick a verbal fight with you…I have gone as far as saying “I think the work you do is great and want to be apart of that. How can we resolve this??”  This not only deflects their emotions/insecurities  (which they trying to push on you) but de-escalates the whole situation. You can’t argue with someone who won’t argue.



  1. Hello Hill072,

    I enjoyed reading your article. I see what you are talking about and it happens all the time no matter they occupation. I was looking for more than what you published, seems a bit small for an article. How would you amp this article up? I would suggest some information from other sources on how to combat this in work jealousy. Maybe a self help link or maybe there are some occupations that train for this type of situation. I think your article is good and inspiring and I often have used that statement you quoted. I just feel there could me more written to help the reader feel fulfilled and willing to stay and find more information on your topic. Keep up the hard work.
    Good job.

    1. Hi Timothy,

      Thank you for your well thought out feedback. All feedback is welcomed because it helps me make better content , much appreciated.


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