How to be happy in life-friend of failure

This is a broad topic. What are some ways to be happy in life? And in most cases, on the web you are going to get a extra profound answer, like follow your purpose…But not here folks. At least not today (I am not feeling deep :)).

For me personally the truth of happiness is in accepting that you are going to bad at something you really desire until you build up enough experience to be good. This blog is actually my attempt at building a meaningful site and I like to think that I am a little bit better this time around because of previous experience.

Take Michael Jordan for example, he was really bad at basketball for a long time. His high school team didn’t want to pick him up the first time around. Even in college he was just a high jumping rebounder. But through repetition he became great.

He had to deal with many people constantly telling him how horrible he was. You see it is in the failure where happiness starts. You have to (at some level) enjoy failing because it brings you closer to succeeding.

Accept that you will most likely stink at what your heart truly wants….AT FIRST…NOT FOREVER. If you want it. And through the process you will be more excited, have a higher energy level, than those that are simply living without a goal.

Why? Because you can only miss so many shots before you learn how to make them, while others are sitting on the bench of life watching you play the game.

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