How make peace with someone

When a fight breaks out between yourself and another person it can be tough to repair that relationship. But as adults learning how to make peace with someone is necessary. You cannot always remain friends but a common ground can be found.

  1. Allow time to pass before approaching them. Now this a fine balance you have to give someone the space necessary to calm down but not let days go by before approaching them. Wait until both of you have cooled off to tackle the resolution with clear head space.
  2. Apology is always in order but do not over do it. Saying that you are sorry multiple times over seems insincere. Apologize and ask how can “we” move forward.
  3. Avoid pointing the blame at the other person even if was their fault. Instead you can say “this situation made me feel…” Then lay out all of your emotions and ask that the other person do the same. This is a non-judgmental time where mostly listening should be happening.
  4. No matter how the situation turns out, you must forgive. Forgive the other person if they have wronged you and forgive yourself. This piece will free you up emotionally to move forward.

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