How are you gifted- One Minute with Jay


How are you gifted? Do you really know where your area of giftedness lies or are you working just to make some cash to pay your bills?

Just trying to make rent?

If you are like me then most of your life you have worked in a job where others told you that you are talented in. And you this may be true, you may be an excellent teacher, social worker, mailman, firefighter, office worker (that covers just about all of the 9 to 5ers I know).

There is nothing wrong with that. I am just wondering if you have considered that there could be more for you to do.

If you you love teaching or working in an office where you are making an impact, then maybe you are working with your gift. But if while you are working you get this itch deep down within you that there may be more for you….scratch away my friend.

Your gift will energize you and is usually something that comes easier to you than to other people. Analyze the small things that you do which others hate.

That’s why there are some people that love words or using the correct tense of certain words. While others do not care.

That’s why some people rather work with numbers all day and are paid to crunch them all day long. While others get a headache if they even catch a glimpse of this…

I know people that literally sweat if they have to add something. That may be a deeper rooted issue.

Regardless, anyone has that thing that they just do without thinking about it. Those are gifts.

Utilize what you have been given in a job that can put your strengths on display.

It may be that you have to look outside of what you are currently doing to keep the lights on. You may need to create a job for yourself but that is for another conversation :0.

Share with someone that is gifted and may not even know it. Comments are appreciated below.

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