How a stranger changed my view on love

A new IT guy entered my office the other day. He was a stranger. At least to me. The guy was maybe 6 feet and about 250 pounds. In a jolly tone he declared that he was there to fix my time clock issues. I showed him where the time clock was and he began to talk randomly about his wife.

He stated that he has been married for 25 years and would be lost without his wife.

Then he went on to say that he actually would be 6 feet under because she has not only kept him sane but nursed him back to health during some rough patches (ailments he suffered).

He didn’t talk about her beauty, body parts. He only spoke about all the ways she has helped him become a better and healthier man.

This is what love is: finding a partner that will stand by you during the turbulent times, disregard your flaws, and actually contribute to your self development.

Stop looking for a cute face and start looking for someone you can share a life with and grow together.

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