Handle being passed over promotion- Build from your leftovers

How do you handle being passed over promotion? What is there to gain from failure? Somebody help me figure out what to do while getting passed over promotion.

These may be some of questions when you give your all, throw your complete self at a project…only to realize that this is not your time.

This is not necessarily a bad thing because it may not be your time…YET. A failure is just a step closer to a success. And when you are trying to handle being passed over this is a great time to remember that you are like leftovers.

Wait what Jay, what are talkin bout man?

I am saying that leftover food always taste better on the second day, the second time around, the second time you heat it up. Why? Because the seasoning has had time to really sit in and permeate through the meat.

You may feel like leftovers but this is just your time to sit and marinate for a while. The marination period is for you to develop and better yourself.

To attain the all the skills you need so once you are reheated all the teachings, learnings, new skills are on display. And once you master the skills, you will not be passed over again.

Sometimes mastery takes time my friends. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, he discusses that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to reach a level of mastery. You have to practice ALOT to master a skill.

So it’s perfectly fine to get passed over, you may just need more time. This does not mean that it won’t happen for you, or you are unworthy. You are just getting your practice in.

Prior to having this site I built fitness site that now gets over 18,000 visitors a year. When I was making it I felt like a failure because no one was visiting it and when they did the bounce rate was out of control. People were passing over my site everyday.

So what did I do? I quit and let the site just sit. Someone else snagged the domain name and is using it as a parking lot for advertisements. They are making money off of something I thought was not profitable. I quit too early, matter of fact right before the breakthrough.

Do I regret it? Ehhh, a little. But I learned that leftovers can easily become a main dish or at least better with time.

Don’t quit right before your breakthrough. Use the leftovers to create your great.

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