Fear stronger than love but love is stronger than death

Your fear can consume you to the point where you do not want to even leave the bed in the morning. That fear can be stronger than anything you love. In college, I feared some tests so much that I decided I was sick and remained safely within the confines of my comforters.

I love basketball, I love the teamwork, the pace of the game, the commitment to certain strategies to win a game. But as a kid I was scrawny and shorter than most of my friends. So no matter how much I loved the game my fear told me “hey stop while your ahead you are too small to play,” even though I practiced alot by myself.

Later, because of fear I turned down an opportunity to play for a private high school.

Fast forward to today, now I understand that the things I am afraid of trumped my passion for them. And I will never allow fear to stop me again.

Fear has to be understood. I describe it asĀ  irrational premature death. Why? Because we are killing off our hopes with what can go wrong before it even happens.

Anddddd in most cases it will never happen because we are thinking about the worst case, end of the world, meteorite hitting our cat, now Mr. Whiskers is on fire, runs into the house, sets the house on fire, scenario. Foolish right?

Once you understand that being afraid is normal but irrational (in alot of cases) then you can chase what you love.

Now unfiltered, unobstructed love is powerful. So powerful in fact that many believe it can overcome death. We love people so much that some believe that those individuals can be reincarnated as babies.

Christians believe that God so loved the world that he gave his only son, essentially to die, to save the world.

We love family members so much that even after they are buried we mourn for weeks sometimes.

Just imagine what that brand of love could do if you could bottle it and pour it over all of your fears.

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