Exercise mental health- Improve brain power

When you workout regularly you are bound to get a “hey you workout don’t you?” because the benefits are obvious to the human eye. But exercising mental health to improve brain power is the hidden piece that we sometimes miss out on.

Young guys and gals are more likely to pick up a weight or hop on a treadmill to get compliments. Not many people will complement you on your brain. I have never heard someone say “Dude nice memory!” or “Way to solve that equation.”

However, the brain is a muscle and will lose definition and strength if it is not worked out. Here are a few ways to work out the most important muscle in your body:

Exercise- Working out for a minimum of 30 minutes will increase oxygen to the brain, increasing your logic and reasoning abilities.

Vitamin B- This vitamin not only increases energy but helps the brain.

Puzzles- Constantly challenge your mind with games like chess, crossword puzzles, and other fun activities that involve strategy.

I like to play a game called unblock me. It helps me concentrate on moving pieces that at first glance do not seem impossible to move.

If I have a major decision to make that is difficult, I often play this game. By the end I am calm and can clearly think of a solution.

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