Environment matters

In the presence of certain people it is so easy to become inspired, feel hopeful, less burdened. These people are usually full of energy themselves or have an energy of optimism around a particular goal.

They can state “I will complete this____” or “Soon I will become____.” That energy rubs off on you and soon you feel like you can accomplish anything. But as soon as you leave their presence and go back to your normal routine suddenly you feel uninspired again, sad, fearful of the future.

Why? Because the environment you are in matters.

Your surroundings matters. The company you keep matters. If your best friend complains alot, you will eventually complain about life too. Hanging around limited people will limit YOU.

I would go as far as calling these blockers your limitors (made that up but it works). Limitors can’t understand why you have goals. They can’t understand why you want more out of life. Slowly change your environment, walk away from these folks, and watch the change that will happen in you.

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