Does Your Attitude Stink

Does your attitude stink is the question I would like you to think about as you read today’s post.

I had a brief but very telling conversation yesterday. The woman (who I will call Stacy) I spoke with has been extremely negative. She walks with an scowl, constantly calls anyone that does not agree with her an idiot, and even saying good morning to her barely gets a response.

It was time for an intervention.

“What’s going on with you? Is everything alright?” Stacy responded: “ No I haven’t received a raise. I know more than anyone here!”

She went on to blame just about everyone: the government, society, parents.

I didn’t need to hear much more. The issue  was her attitude towards her situation.

There will always be situations out of your control but it’s your attitude that changes or worsens it.

And I personally have found that overthinking creates unhappiness. When I replay what I could have done over and over and over again, it prevents me from figuring out what to do next.

My advice to Stacy was “don’t overthink the problem, rethink the solution.”

A stinky attitude can prolong your unhappiness. Febreeze your brain 🙂


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