Does Money Matter in Relationship- Choose Your Role Wisely

This post is meant to be read along with this.

The role you play in your relationship or marriage should not be taken lightly.

I do want this to come across as sexist so let me be very clear. I do not believe in stereotypical roles such as the man has to manage the all the money because…well…he’s a man.

That’s ridiculous.

I know men that are horrible with their finances (uncles, one friend, and a acquaintance to be exact).

So what do they do?

They have spouses or hire someone to manage it for them.

If you are great at long term planning but the wifey is, then it’s probably best to let her manage that piece. If you are better at making sure the short term bills are paid then wifey should let you manage that.

If both of you suck at money management. Then you may need to enlist the help of a daily money manager. They help to pay bills, sort mail, create budgets and more. One that I found is called Fiscally Fit, they are based out of California. But I’m sure there are plenty more.

Find what works for your relationship for better financial health.

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