Do you have what it takes to succeed while being uncomfortable- One minute with Jay

Do you have what it takes to accomplish your goals? Are you worthy of a promotion or a new job?

Do you deserve a new girlfriend or boyfriend?

Do you deserve love?

These are questions we find ourselves asking many times over as we spin the wheels of the mind over and over again.

You wonder if you are good enough to even reach the levels you desire or see others around you reaching.

This almost feels as if you are looking from the outside in on your own life.

I know the feeling. I constantly question if am I where I should be academically, professionally, and personally. Then I realize that how much I have accomplished so far.

I do not have a PhD but I do teach constantly. I do not have a million dollars (yet) but I make salary that I am proud of. I do not have a six pack but I have been blessed with a four pack that I can see when I really look hard in the mirror.

Once you reach a crossroads where the next street looks daunting this is just a natural stretch of your thinking. It is in the stretch that you will find strength to support your next milestone.

Your thinking has to expand in order to achieve what you really want out of your life. No one has ever achieved anything if they could not see themselves already having it.

If you cannot see it then you cannot have it.

So its natural to be worried and question yourself this is part of your mind preparing itself, warming up for the stretch. First you wonder, then you picture what it would be to attain it, then you pursue.

Stretch your thinking. And even when you hit roadblocks reflect on the small victories along the way to help remind yourself that you are moving forward.

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