Depression? You don’t have to suffer alone

Usually a conversation or even witnessing an event inspires me to create, write, and make encouraging videos. But today I want to speak from the heart.

Many people encounter difficulties  mentally during this time of the year. The weather changes, it is darker earlier, seasonal depression sets in for some. Others are reminded of deaths that rocked their worlds. Loved ones that won’t be there for the holidays.

Depression is like a silent invisible sheet that slowly covers you. It sneaks up on you and it is possible to be depressed while being semi-functional. Meaning you can be depressed or live in the same household as someone who is and never know it.

But I am here to tell you that you are not alone. You can always reach out to me if you have no one else that will listen with an attentive ear. You can reach me via email,, or Instagram at Jay.the_unbound, or Facebook.

If you or someone you know is slowly withdrawing, talk to them. Even if you see the smallest change in behavior. If it’s serious you can refer them to a lot of great national resources if you go to (The national network of depression centers).


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