Create a connection with a understanding of grief

We are able to create a connection with a…understanding of grief. Believe it or not. Take this past weekend as an example.

An amber alert went out for a little girl that was kidnapped and her mother was murdered in Bridgeport Connecticut. I was not aware of this but my fiance was.

She kept a close eye on the situation and found out that the girl was found in Pennsylvania with her father. As soon as she was found my fiance showed me the blurb on it and news pictures.

She then went into how much she prayed for the girl and actually felt sadness for the family. She was experiencing grief. This baffled me but I dug a little deeper and asked why. She explained how as a teacher her heart goes out to kids that are in need.

Once I could understand her grief was based on how much she cared all I could murmur was that “I love you.” This experience brought us closer and I gained a deeper understanding of what makes her tick.

I encourage you to comfort your loved ones but also ask why something hurts them. The why is the bridge to that stronger connection.

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