Communicating with your mate

Quickly I want to mention that communicating with you mate is vital to long term relationship success.

It is not fair to expect anyone to read your mind and guess what you are thinking or feeling. Guessing leads to misunderstandings and can create unnecessary rifts. That’s exactly how you end up in the “but baby I didn’t know you felt that way” situation.

Set aside some time, scheduled time just to talk and reconnect as a couple. This is the time to work out how you feel together as one unit.

Executives have board meetings all the time to make sure everyone is on the same page. As the CEO of your relationship…schedule board meetings. These can be as simple as a quiet dinner to just talk. Also, the worse you feel the more important the meeting is.

If you feel something…even if it is negative…say something but remember it is all about how you present your feelings.

More to come, I will post a video talking more about this tomorrow.


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