Children are a blessing, no matter how they get here. Regardless of the issue or deformity they may be born with.

The deformity or handicap….matter of fact let’s just call it the situation (because I don’t believe in handicaps or disabilities to be politically correct)…

The situation is just how they were born. Which means that it is normal for them, so the child can adapt to it. Whatever “it” is.

Your job as a parent is to provide unconditional love and learn how you can be a support and not a hinderance.

If you freak out, they will freak out. Be strong for the child. My daughter was born with an omphalocele. Meaning that her intestines poked out of her abdominal wall with a thin membrane covering it.

The birth defect and surgery have left their marks. Scars, no belly button, other minor complications some 9 years later.

But she is healthy, she has a normal life, she dances, sings just like any other kid.

Other kids make fun of her but we remind her how strong she is. We tell her she has battle scars and battle scars usually indicate that you won.

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