Can’t wake up in the morning

Almost everyday recently over the last few weeks I have realized that I can’t wake up in the morning. I mean snoozing my alarm 6 to 7 times, throwing the covers over my head, closing the blinds, and roaring at anyone that dares to get in my way.

Am I depressed? Hmmmmmm….nope.

Whenever I need to get up extra early for work, I have no problem. When I need to get up early to prepare for the gym or go somewhere fun like the beach, I have no problem.

So there goes the depression theory. I realized that when I get up early to get to work by 5am or 6am that I have a slightly different energy. When I want to do something fun I almost jolt out of the bed on the weekend.

The difference is sense of purpose. If you cannot wake up with a meaning or desire then it is easier to just waste away precious hours with your face indented into the pillow.

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