Are Storms Life- By Aurora Hill

fallen branch

Below is a post from Aurora Hill that may encourage you as you work through your own storms. Are Storms Life?


The storm with heavy rain and boisterous winds came through and knocked down some branches from our tree in our front yard…so what right? ??☔

Well this had me thinking??…and I felt to share because someone may need this… The storms that come in our lives are not intended to destroy you but to improve you.

As I looked at the branches that fell to the ground, they were dead & needed to be removed in order for the tree to flourish when spring comes.

In this storm you are in, God is removing the dead things that don’t benefit you as you get ready to shift into your new season.

Whether it be toxic people, relationships, friendships, habits, worry, drama, (you fill in the blank here) it no longer serves a purpose, it no longer needs to be connected to you. It is only dead weight, & it needs to be removed so that you can continue to grow in your next season.

As I looked at the tree after the storm, it was still standing! The storm did not destroy the tree because the tree was rooted into the ground and stood against the winds and rain.

If we remain rooted in God and withstand the storm,( test, trials, pain, you fill in the blank again) we will realize the storm only lasts for so long & sooner than later the storm WILL pass & we will come out BETTER than before! Be encouraged!! ?????????

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