2 Ways to be more productive

Here are two ways to be more productive that I have used this past week:

1. Make less time for important things, not more. When you schedule a limited window to accomplish a task, you will end up finishing it faster. It sounds crazy but when I schedule 15 minutes to speak with someone as opposed to 30-45, I always hit my main points quicker.

2. This is my favorite…I like to complete my chores while listening to motivational videos or audio books. So I make a list all the things I have to do that do not require brain power. Things like laundry, grocery shopping, washing dishes, folding clothes, and cleaning up the house. Then I pick someone or something that I want to listen to from my Iphone like Tony Robbins or a Napoleon Hill book. Finally I put on sweat pants, plug in headphones and knock out chores while educating or inspiring myself.

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