Accountability Partner Definition

accountability partner definition

This video covers the accountability partner definition. Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable for any new change that is wanted.

Personally I have various people that I hold accountable many different ways. Sometimes it’s as simple as a text at 4:30am to remind someone to work on developing their website over the course of 4 weeks. Sometimes it’s a weekly or daily call to check in, encourage, and offer advice if I have knowledge or refer to someone who does.

I also have a close friend that will ask me have I posted a new video yet and if not he will bbq my excuses.

For you, your accountability may come from your brother or cousin.

I don’t care who you choose, just make sure that the person is reliable and trustworthy. You will be giving this person access to help you create something that is deeply personal, so the person has to match the nature of what you are trying to do.

Or at least can keep your business out of the streets :0 (Confidentiality is key. No blabbermouths allowed.)


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